Located at Deerfield Manor in beautiful Puslinch, Ontario, JohnMel Stables provides a natural, low-key and welcoming environment for four-legged and human clients alike.  The farm has very positive energy.  Most people remark on this once they’ve been here.  Owners Melanie Michaels Ryan and John Ryan bring together their combined knowledge, experience and passion to offer expert services and maintain high quality, up-to-date facilities.

We specialize in developing horses, through breeding or training, to be the best possible equine partners.  We also offer services to help riders and horse enthusiasts improve and develop their knowledge and skills.

Melanie Michaels Ryan has a natural approach to working with horses which she brings to her work with humans as well.  Melanie believes in offering encouragement and support.  “It is about the experience and the journey.”  This is also her philosophy when interacting with horses – rather than aggressive methods that use force or punishment, Melanie demonstrates how to engage with horses in a positive and gentle manner while still maintaining respect.

Co-owner John Ryan is a professional accountant and a successful entrepreneur.  For a city boy John has embraced farm life wholeheartedly.  He can often be seen on the farm cleaning paddocks and putting out hay.  Sometimes referred to as the “horse whisperer,” John has an uncanny knack with particular horses.  You might hear him asking, as he gives a horse a pat or rub, “how was your day today?”

JohnMel’s business practices are grounded in the principles of honesty, integrity and respect.  The best possible fit for prospective clients and our horses is our prime consideration.  We are proud to say that we do our very best for our horses and human clients, and we stand behind every horse that comes through this farm.